6 Simple A/B Test Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

The Value of A/B. Testing

What do your customers think?

No landing page can perform at top capacity without testing.

While keywords, marketing, and content are all important, testing holds its own as one of the pillars to successful online marketing.

Landing page optimization and testing  is the only way you can determine what will work best in your industry, for your audience, on your website.

If you’re new to the testing concept, here are six simple A/B test ideas to get you started.

Setting the Hook: Getting Eyes on your Copy

Eyes on the prize

From GadgetDude - Title Want

When competing with the sheer volume of copy on the Internet, you should try to win readers in stages.

Your headline should act as a STOP sign, drawing readers in to give you a chance.

Beyond that, your first paragraph should provide a roadmap to the rest of your piece.

Some tools to include in your roadmap:

Writing Headlines that Boost Conversion Rates

copywriting for conversionStudies of internet user behavior indicate that you have about ten seconds to capture a viewer’s attention before he clicks away.

 If you use those ten seconds wisely, you can capture the interest of that viewer and begin directing him toward the conversion decision you want him to make. If you squander them, your conversion rates plummet.