When Is It Okay to Have a High Exit Rate?

Exit Sign -- Are too many of your visitors heading for the exit prematurely?

What is your exit rate?

Have you taken a look at your exit rate lately? It’s often confused with bounce rate, but while a high bounce rate is almost never a good thing, there are certain situations in which your exit rate will naturally be high.

What Is the Difference Between Exit Rate and Bounce Rate?

Exit rate measures the percentage of people who leave your site from any given page. The visitor may have clicked around extensively on your site, or he may have simply entered and left.

Analytics in Action: Examining Your Exit Rate

When you look at your Google Analytics report, you’ll see a metric both for bounce rate and exit rate.

Questions often arise as to how exactly these two metrics differ and what exit rate can tell us about the efficiency of a given page or the site as a whole.

In this post, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions and what they mean for your conversion rates.

Web Analytics – Why Does Exit Rate Matter?

Exit your Website Exit rate refers to the number of people who exit your website from any given page as compared to the total number of visitors on that page. Unlike bounce rate, exit rate looks at visitors who reached the page from somewhere else on your site as well as those who entered your site on that page.

At first glance, the difference may seem minor, but the truth is that exit rate can provide important information that will help you identify problem areas and plug leaks that cost you in terms of conversions.

How to Choose Which Web Pages to Test

Making a Decision
Testing forms an essential part of your overall landing page optimization strategy, because only through testing can you determine which changes will effectively increase your conversion rate.

But on a website that includes thousands of pages, knowing which pages to test first can be a challenge. Let’s take a look at some analytics that will help you make that important decision.