Increasing Conversion: Why Email Marketing Still Works

Many marketers believe that social media and SMS (text messaging) have replaced email. But email marketing reaches people in ways that other marketing efforts can’t because:

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Does email still work for your target market?

  • Email marketing is more personal. You can segment your email subscribers based on demographics, past shopping behavior, and specified preferences. You can give email messages a personal touch (using the recipient’s name or sending them a birthday discount) that just isn’t possible with Facebook or Twitter.
  • Email marketing assumes a greater level of commitment and trust. People tend to guard their email addresses closely. They only give them out to people and companies they really want to hear from. And that means you have a greater opportunity to earn loyalty by providing valuable content.
  • Email marketing is a sure thing. You can be pretty sure your marketing message will reach the intended recipient. True, they may not read it or relegate it to a spam folder,  but for the most part an email is more likely to be seen than a Facebook message (which may or may not appear in the newsfeed) or a Tweet.

Scoring Email Marketing Conversions

Are you getting the results you want from your email marketing campaign?

Even if you’re like me and think that email takes up too much time every day,  there are some emails that are not technically work related that you regularly read, and some you read if you’ve got the time or they look interesting.

And if you’re like me, the rest you delete.  Yes I should unsubscribe – but somehow it just seems faster & easier to delete them en masse.

To get your emails into the “keeper” group, you’ve got to spend some time optimizing your email campaign for conversion.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

How to Optimize your Email Marketing Strategy

Emal Message on a mobile phoneWhen it comes to conversion optimization, email marketing often gets overlooked as an effective strategy.

But the truth is that a strong email marketing campaign can drive more targeted, converting traffic to your website than other popular approaches.

Why Email Works

Email gives you direct access into a venue that most people guard more closely than they do their mailing address or Facebook account.