A Strong Value Proposition – 2 Most Important Elements

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing for many small businesses is developing a strong value proposition. Because it must communicate overall company value and uniqueness in about ten words, developing a proposition that really says what you want it to say can be a challenge.

Most businesses either fail to devise a value proposition at all or they fail to communicate it effectively to their customers. In order to make a difference in the purchasing decisions of your target market, your value proposition must answer the two most important questions in the customer’s mind: “What’s in it for me?” and “Why should I shop with you?”

What’s In It For Me?

Every customer wants to know how he will benefit from purchasing your product. He doesn’t so much care about your experience, your years in business, or your commitment to quality; he cares about how his life will be better if he purchases your product.

The Biggest Problem on Your Website, Period.

I rarely go an hour, let alone an entire day, without seeing an undifferentiated website.  In fact, I rarely see a good example of a differentiated one.

Why is this a problem and how does it cost you money?

A new visitor to your website doesn’t just come with one problem or question.  Namely, “How do I get this product or service I’m looking for”?  They come with two questions. The other one is, “Of all the websites offering this, how do I know which one to choose”?