Facebook and Conversion: Is It Still Possible?

facebookSocial networking is a tricky tool to leverage when trying to convert people, especially Facebook. Because Facebook is always changing and trying to focus more on acquiring advertisers, it squeezes out brands. In fact, thousands of brands have felt the gradual squeeze because Facebook’s decline in reach. So, is converting people on Facebook to buyers and subscribers still possible without having to fork out money for advertising?

What Your Visitors Are Looking For That Determine How Long They Remain

convert-thumbnailYour site visitors are looking for something to fulfill a need. It may be a physical or emotional one. If your not fulfilling that need, then they won’t stay that long. The long your visitors stay, the more likely they are to: leave a comment, fill out a lead form, buy a product or service, or sign up for your website’s newsletter. You even want them to keep returning to your site. This article will let you know exactly what they want and some tips to achieving your goals.

Let's Talk About Forms

bookit-form-thumbnailForms are an important part of lead generation. They are used in processing subscriptions for newsletters, a means for people to contact you, and even a way to process sales. Forms are a huge part in converting visitors to loyal readers, subscribers, and buyers.

So, how do you optimize a form for conversion?

Infographic – Basics of a Call to Action

infographic-basicsofacalltoaction-thumbnailSome may think it is so easy to put a call to action together, and on some part it can be. However, if you’re trying to convert people to buy something or even to subscribe to something, you’re going to need to work around wording and design to make your call to action effective.

Below is a brief infographic on the basics of a call to action.

Are You Keeping An Active Newsletter?

email-thumbnailAre you keeping an active newsletter? If not, you might want to get into gear and start being active with it. Once you’ve converted over your visitors to subscribers, you’ve got to have a plan for your subscribers. These are the people that are interested enough to receive your updates via email. If you’re not sending out at least a monthly newsletter to your list, then you’re probably going to eventually lose your subscribers.

Remember, even if someone hasn’t bought your products or services, there is a potential for them to become one, or at least refer someone else to you. Your newsletter can be a powerful leverage tool if you use it right.

Better Popup Optin Strategies

popup-optin-box-example-thumbnailPopup optins can be a blessing or a curse. It’s no surprise that for new visitors, an immediate pop up might be annoying. However, for some sites, the popup actually converts more subscribers.

Remember, a popup optin is just another conversion tool. Just because one site uses it, doesn’t mean every site has to use it. The trick is to putting a better popup optin strategy together that works for your website. Here are some of the strategies for you to think about for your own site.

Is Your Small Business Taking Advantage of SlideShare?

The Conversionator V3 N22:Insights and Ideas for Small Businesses

SuperMax ConversionatorThis week’s edition covers why you should use SlideShare to your advantage, tips on improving direct response landing pages, some essentials for using data in your content, an infographic highlighting social media‘s effect on search, and techniques for improving your conversion rate:

Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy

Increasing Your Conversion Rates By Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy

Conversion rates often seem to operate parallel to social media efforts rather than actually intersecting with them. Social media does a great job increasing the quantity of leads, but what’s the point if the website itself doesn’t convert well?

Simple Tests Can Yield Big Results in Landing Page Optimization

TConversion Results You Can Bank On he landing page is the welcome mat that invites the user into the company door. If your digital welcome mat is messy, distracting, boring, or uninviting, then users will turn around and walk away without converting. Making sure that you get those conversions is key to a website’s success.

Here are 4 easy-to-test elements of your site that can dramatically improve your landing page, and therefore your conversion rate.