How to Create A Contact Page That Gives Visitors the Warm Fuzzies

It was late on a Saturday night. We were out of town with the pups, and Scuba, our black lab went from sick to deathly ill in less than 30 minutes. Too late for the regular vet, we had to find an emergency vet fast.

Immediately we checked Around Me on the iPhone. Using the app we got the name, phone number and address of the nearest emergency vet. We gave them a call and the App’s GPS guided us right to the vet’s door.

This isn’t a commercial for Around Me, you may have an app you like better. No, it’s just how grateful I was for the app.  It was so helpful. Knowing right where to go relieved so much stress.

Contact Pages Need to Be Helpful

How helpful is your contact page?

It’s how I think about contact pages on websites. They’re a page specifically designed to help your visitors. But most of us are so focused on selling our products or services that we don’t put much thought into making our contact pages really helpful.

We don’t do a good job of giving our visitors the warm fuzzies when they come to our contact page.