Turning Around Your Cart Abandonment Rate

Shopping Cart Abandonment RateHave you ever walked into a grocery store, filled your cart with items, and then had to leave without making it through the checkout line? Most people don’t leave a grocery store without checking out once they’ve put items they want into their cart. Unfortunately for ecommerce businesses, this scenario happens all too often.

Can your cart abandonment rate be improved? Yes –  Here are several things you can do to get people to buy instead of leaving their cart before they checkout.

Is Your Cart Abandonment Rate Too High?

Shopping Cart Abandonment According to BizRate, 75% of online shoppers have exited a website at least once during the past three months after adding items to the shopping cart, but without completing a purchase. This statistic is known as shopping cart abandonment.

At first glance, it may seem like there’s not much an e-commerce retailer can do to improve their cart abandonment rate. After all, how can you control whether the shopper’s dog needed to go out just then, or his daughter who is in the Army called right before he hit the checkout button?