Analytics in Action: Examining Your Exit Rate

When you look at your Google Analytics report, you’ll see a metric both for bounce rate and exit rate.

Questions often arise as to how exactly these two metrics differ and what exit rate can tell us about the efficiency of a given page or the site as a whole.

In this post, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions and what they mean for your conversion rates.

You and Google Analytics…BFF

Google Analytics You’ve read up on web analysis and you’ve tossed around the buzz words: bounce rate and conversion rate. But are you really becoming BFF (best friends forever) with these metrics?

Tell Me About Yourself

In order to derive the most benefit from your conversion optimization tracking, you’ll need to make friends with these metrics by moving beyond the name-dropping stage and into a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

How to Choose Which Web Pages to Test

Making a Decision
Testing forms an essential part of your overall landing page optimization strategy, because only through testing can you determine which changes will effectively increase your conversion rate.

But on a website that includes thousands of pages, knowing which pages to test first can be a challenge. Let’s take a look at some analytics that will help you make that important decision.

Call to Action: The Antidote to High Bounce Rate

Call to ActionWhile bounce rate can tell you a lot about how your website performs, the question still remains: what do I do about it?

You can spend a lot of time tweaking your design, adjusting keyword choice and placement, and playing with ad copy, but the fact remains that one of the most effective antidotes to bouncing visitors is giving them a reason to stay.

One reason is your call to action.

The Anatomy of an Effective Call to Action

Don’t just expect to stick a cute button on your website and have your conversion rate instantly skyrocket. While button design does play a role in getting people to respond, you’ll also need to plan a call to action strategy that compels people to do what you want them to do.

7 Common SEO Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

SEO for Small Businesses As you get started in SEO, you’ll read a lot about things you should be doing to optimize your website for organic search. What you may not hear as much about, however, is what you should avoid doing. These common mistakes can cause your website to drop in the rankings, resulting in less traffic and fewer conversions for your site.

How to Get New Customers To Become Repeat Customers

The Conversionator™ V1 N6: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Weekly Roundup of Conversion Ideas V1 N6‘Tis the season when everyone is everywhere doing everything and the variety of the topics being covered in this week’s roundup reflect the abundant frenzied behavior:

Customer Retention

– In eCommerce, there should be an almost equal focus on acquisition, conversion, and customer retention since customers that have an excellent experience from purchase to delivery (and beyond if they need to return items) are more likely to come back to your site to make future purchases.  Econsultancy put together 10 reasons why Xmas shoppers won’t return to your site highlighting 10 key things to avoid that should help boost customer loyalty and are appropriate to have in place all year long

Bounce Rate: Are You Unintentionally Misleading Your Visitors?

Bounce Rate Your bounce rate refers to the number of people who come to your site and leave before clicking through to another page.  They land on a page and leave.

While this could be all of the potential customers who took one look and then decided to exit, this number also includes visitors who went to your site, realized it wasn’t what they thought, and then departed.

Today we want to pay attention to the second group – those visitors who were potentially misled.

The Conversionator V1 N4: Analytics, Site Bounce, Optimization and Usability Lists

The Conversionator™ V1 N4: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Conversionator Volume 1 Number 4Given the increased amount of lists we all are making (and checking twice) at this time of year, lists are running rampant right now so with the seasonal onslaught in mind this week’s Conversionator edition is focused on analytics, site bounce, optimization and usability lists:

– The Get Elastic blog from Elastic Path Software compiled a list of 5 tips for leveraging analytics during the holiday season while minimizing your time their recent Analyze This: 5 Analytics Tips for the Holiday Season post