Google Analytics: How to Set Up a Simple Goal

google-analytics-thumbnailGoogle Analytics provides a great feature for website owners to be able to track specific campaigns, also called a goal. It can be places on pages, forms, or anything you are wanting to track for to see if a campaign has an effective website conversion. It also tracks how the visitor arrived to the area you want to convert.

This works great after you’ve tried A/B Testing so you can verify the results from live traffic. In this article, you’ll learn how to set up a simple goal in Google Analytics.

Does Alexa Rank Really Matter?

alexa-thumbnailAlexa is known as a site that offers website analytics and even ranks sites based on traffic. A lot of website owners that are concerned about Alexa rank, aren’t entirely certain what it is, and if it really matters? And if it does matter, who does it matter to?

This article will answer those questions.

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

Baby Step into Conversion OptimizationImproving the conversion rate on your website doesn’t have to mean weeks of testing and redesigning. You can make positive changes to your website resulting in increased conversions by spending a few minutes each day baby stepping  into conversion optimization.