How To Create An About Page That's Both Friendly And Professional

about-page-thumbnailThe about page on a website is a necessary page for any website. This is the page that contains a short biography of yourself and the purpose of your website. It’s important to keep it both friendly and professional in order to make your company seem welcoming.

On the search engine optimization side of explaining why the about page is necessary is the fact that search engines do look for this page. For example, if if exists and Google picks it up, it may become a site link. A site link in simple terms is where your search engine listing has several links listed that Google believes may be important for people needing to know about your services.

Got the Website Performance Blues? Start Testing

D’Lemma is over the moon on cute headlines, but they’re not working. No leads and no calls.

Ernest sees the problem but can’t convince her  to change them.

Can testing save this website?

Complete opposites,  D’Lemma Leadgen – who is just starting her web design business – doesn’t appreciate the interference of Ernest E’Calm – her serial entrepreneur neighbor –  who tends to be dull and out of touch.

Meet D'Lemma and Ernest

Meet D’Lemma Leadgen and Ernest E’Calm