9 Ideas for Testing Your PPC Landing Pages

Are your PPC clicks turning into sales?

Are your PPC clicks turning into sales?

You expect a lot from your PPC landing page. It has to convince the visitor (who may or may not have expressed much interest in your product) to move beyond the initial click and take the next stop of making a commitment to your product.

It has to turn him from a prospect into a bona fide customer. And in many cases, it has just a few seconds to make that happen.

In order to accomplish that goal, you need to engage in some serious PPC landing page optimization. Each element on your landing page needs to work hard to engage and persuade visitors. The key to making that happen? Testing.

Here are 9 ideas to get you started.

Got the Website Performance Blues? Start Testing

D’Lemma is over the moon on cute headlines, but they’re not working. No leads and no calls.

Ernest sees the problem but can’t convince her  to change them.

Can testing save this website?

Complete opposites,  D’Lemma Leadgen – who is just starting her web design business – doesn’t appreciate the interference of Ernest E’Calm – her serial entrepreneur neighbor –  who tends to be dull and out of touch.

Meet D'Lemma and Ernest

Meet D’Lemma Leadgen and Ernest E’Calm

6 Simple A/B Test Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

The Value of A/B. Testing

What do your customers think?

No landing page can perform at top capacity without testing.

While keywords, marketing, and content are all important, testing holds its own as one of the pillars to successful online marketing.

Landing page optimization and testing  is the only way you can determine what will work best in your industry, for your audience, on your website.

If you’re new to the testing concept, here are six simple A/B test ideas to get you started.

A/B Testing – Ready, Set, Go


Never stop testingTesting is the single best way to move your website from a conversion laggard to a conversion star.

Through testing you’ll learn exactly what gets more of your visitors signing up to become customers. But if you’ve never done it before it can be a little intimidating.

Let’s take a look at some common concerns expressed about starting an  A/B testing program.


A/B Split Test or Multivariate Test?

An A/B split test compares your current webpage to one or several variations of your current page. When we start a testing program we’ll often use an A/B test to test out several radically different pages to see which one visitors respond to the best.

Testing for Better Conversion Rates

The winner When your conversion rate is low, it can be tempting to find a list of tips and just start tweaking things.

However, that can be dangerous, since you never know whether the change you make will have a positive or negative effect.

If you are looking for a surefire way to increase conversion rates with minimal risk, testing is the answer.

Test Your Marketing with an A/B Test

The Conversionator V3 N2: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Weekly Roundup of Conversion IdeasThis week’s edition includes A/B marketing tests to consider, meta tag importance, live chat benefits, website checklist suggestions, and some insightful research on remarketing to shopping cart abandoners:

28 Simple Marketing Tests to Launch in 2012 from HubSpot breaks down the benefits of A/B testing and lists places you can leverage the power of A/B testing that you might not have thought of before

To Test or Not to Test?

website under maintenanceYou’ve just performed a website redesign, and your landing page conversion rates have dropped through the floor. You’ve got several ideas regarding what the cause might be: the new call to action button should be orange, not red; the headline should be larger; and the navigation bar across the top should be moved to the side. You tell your design crew to start tweaking, anxious to get those rates back up where they should be.

Increase Online Sales: Shed Some Light on the Facts

I’ve been on quite a few hiking trails, but there’s one I won’t soon forget.  It wasn’t the steepest, rockiest, or most strenuous trail.  But we hiked it at night, with no moon, and without flashlights.  I shuffled carefully along, following the voice and dim silhouette in front of me.

Oddly enough, many online store owners try to improve their websites and increase online sales the same way: slowly stumbling along in the dark.  Let’s shed some light on site optimization and talk about testing your improvement ideas.

Simple Tests Can Yield Big Results in Landing Page Optimization

TConversion Results You Can Bank On he landing page is the welcome mat that invites the user into the company door. If your digital welcome mat is messy, distracting, boring, or uninviting, then users will turn around and walk away without converting. Making sure that you get those conversions is key to a website’s success.

Here are 4 easy-to-test elements of your site that can dramatically improve your landing page, and therefore your conversion rate.

What are A/B and Multivariate Testing?

So you’ve set up your website, figured out a great offer to give to visitors, and are excited about the piles of business that you just know are coming soon. One problem, though. None of your site’s visitors are converting. What do you do? Before throwing your hands in the air in frustration, consider that your site’s design could benefit from an A/B test.