The Benefits of Continually Testing Your Website

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If I could show you how to increase your conversion rate by 25%, would you be interested? If I could promise that you would receive detailed support throughout the process, that it would be easy, and that it would be absolutely free, how much would that increase your interest? You would be crazy to pass up an offer like that right?

Always Be Testing In Always Be Testing, Eisenberg and Quarto-vonTivadar persuasively argue that nurturing a culture of testing, specifically using Google Website Optimizer, can achieve results like these or better.

Institute a Culture of Testing

I love the idea of instituting a culture of testing, because it implies that in order to achieve success, you must commit your business completely to the idea of continual testing over the long term rather than simply running a few tests to see what happens and giving up if you don’t see immediate results.
Developing a culture of testing also demonstrates a commitment to determining the best practices for your business as an individual entity. The term “best practices” can be deceptive, leading companies to believe that what works well for giant corporations will automatically work well for every business.