Spring Cleaning your Website

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Spring Cleaning your Website This week’s edition includes insights into how website design can impact the bottom line, ideas for handling ‘expired content’, ways to earn your landing page visitor’s trust, the importance of aesthetics and style on your website, and using post scripts in your email marketing:

Does Website Design Impact The Bottom Line? from KISSmetrics explores professional research that can potentially offer insights into what priorities a business should have on its web design, addresses the common questions that many website owners have, and attempts to offer tangible solutions

– Handling expired content can be an overwhelming experience. How Should You Handle Expired Content? from SEOmoz defines and shares a detailed process to manage ‘expired content’

– HubSpot compiled 10 Foolproof Ways to Earn Your Landing Page Visitors’ Trust which breaks down landing page characteristics so you can reduce landing page friction to earn the trust of your landing page visitors and capture more of them as leads

–  Business 2 Community breaks down a few mistakes to avoid if you want your site to compete with the best in How Visual and Content Mistakes Are Killing Your Company Website, a helpful reminder that you need to take aesthetics and style seriously

– Post scripts can be a very powerful tool. MarketingProfs’ P.S. Five Tips to Increase Email Click-Through Rates http://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2012/7719/ps-five-tips-to-increase-email-click-through-rates explains why email marketers should use post scripts in their messages, along with five ways to create powerful email post scripts

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Donna has been in the Marketing and Research fields for over 20 years working with a wide array of industries and contributes The Conversionator weekly roundup post to the Diamond Website Conversion blog.