Why and How of Ecommerce Reviews

The Conversionator™ V3 N40: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Teaching Website Conversion
This week’s edition covers the why and how of E-commerce reviews, a reminder of the potential marketing power of Quora, pointers for driving site traffic with Google+ along with tips for small business SEO, and an overview of SoLoMo:

Boost your Conversion with Landing Pages

Landing Page You’re in business. Your business is on the Internet. That means you want conversions.

 To some, a simple website isn’t enough. Many businesses invest in landing pages that are specifically geared to convert visitors from an advertising campaign, email campaign or social media campaign.

What is a landing page? How should you format your landing page? How do you siphon visitors to your landing page? What are some best practices for optimizing that landing page? Read on for a brief overview.