Attracting Your Target Market

Attracting Your Target Market You know the importance of marketing to a target audience in order to sell most effectively. But once you have determined who makes up your target market, how do you make sure they see your marketing messages? Part of selling to any group of people is thinking like they do so that you match your message to their needs and desires. Here’s how.

Tips For Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy

The Conversionator™ V2 N11: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Weekly Roundup of Conversion Ideas v2, N1 With budget allocations on the rise across the board for social media spending in 2011, this week’s post features some social media tips and suggestions to help ensure a successful small business social media strategy:

– Spending the time it takes and doing so diligently are key factors to any social media campaign and How to Really Get Conversions from Social Media from Flowtown provides some techniques on turning those efforts into a conversion machine