The Bottom Line for Great Web Conversion Rates

Customer Satisfaction Leads to Repeat Business Ask an average web designer what the key metric for determining online success is, and you’ll get lots of opinions, but one that consistently tops the list in many minds is unique visitors.

If you had 500 visitors per day last month, and after your web design you now are getting 1,000 visitors per day, many designers will tell you you’ve achieved success. But have you really?

If those 1,000 visitors aren’t sticking around to make a purchase and aren’t coming back, you haven’t really gained anything. How, then, do you increase web conversion rates so that those unique visitors will become repeat customers?

Delivering Web Applications Quickly Across Multiple Devices

The Conversionator™ V1 N3: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Weekly Roundup of Conversion IdeasThis week I’ve compiled resources on the multi-browser world, a few quick search engine optimization fixes, an interesting multivariate testing case study,  and a bounce rate infographic which should all be helpful in optimizing your website to get 2011 off to a good start:

– Are you delivering quality web experiences to all your end users? Gomez, the Web performance division of Compuware, put together a helpful whitepaper: Thriving in a Multi-Browser World to help you learn how to deliver fast, quality web applications across the browsers and devices your customers use