Are They Heeding Your Call To Action?

Every effective website gets their visitors to act on the information that is presented on their site.

Whether it is to sell some merchandise, set a dental appointment online, or to sign-up for a newsletter, they get their visitors to act.

How do they do it?  An effective Call to action.

Some Tips to Get More Visitors to Heed Your Call:

Identify Your Target Market and Increase Your Sales

Increase Sales by Identifying Your Target Market Browsing the Internet, Mike stumbles across your website. He is looking for the product that you are trying to market and is intrigued at what he sees.

He reads all of the information on your home page before deciding to read further some of the other pages on your website. At this moment, you sit wondering what will make Mike decide that you are the right company to do business with; will he purchase your merchandise?

Turning visitors into customers should be the goal of every for-profit website. Maximizing your conversion rate in this area, however, is much easier said than done.

5 Ways to Improve Your Visitor's Experience

Create A Positive Visitor Experience The experience a visitor has on your website can have far-reaching implications. If a particular user has a great experience he might tell his friends, blog about it on his website, post a positive status on Facebook, and post a review on your site. If he has a terrible experience, he can just as easily use all those venues to destroy your reputation.

Making Your Landing Page A Great Place To Be

If you’re looking to improve your landing page conversion rate, then you most likely want both overarching propositions to improve the structure of your landing page and individual actions you can take right now to boost your conversion numbers. If you’ve run an analytics program and received pages of data, but you don’t know where to start, try implementing some of these ideas for immediate results.

Optimizing Your Product Detail Page for Usability

You sit at your desk alarmed. The abandonment rate for your website remains high. It has stayed this way for several months now, and you are beginning to grow concerned that these high numbers could signal that customers are losing interest in your merchandise. However this might not be the case, and reversing this negative trend might be as simple as improving your product detail page.

The Myth of the Average User

Did you know that the average website user spends at least four hours a day online, immediately bounces back to the search results page after clicking a link at least 20% of the time, and does 32% of his shopping online?

Where did I get those statistics? You’re right; I made them up. The truth is that you can’t base your website user experience on average user statistics because the average user is a myth.

Improve Internet Sales: Just Tell People to Buy

A Conversion Funnel is like a well marked hiking trail - easy to follow Of course you want to improve Internet sales, but could it really be as easy as just telling people to buy your product?  Believe it or not, yes!  That is an essential component in a website with a high conversion rate.

You need to tell your visitor where the conversion path is.  Like a good hiking trail, the conversion path should be marked clearly and easy to follow.

Let’s look at improving internet sales by clearly marking each step of the conversion path.

5 Landing Page Conversion Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you know that every dollar counts when it comes to marketing. You can’t afford to invest a lot of your earnings into an expensive marketing scheme only to have it flop.

Many business owners developed a website for this very reason—it’s a quick and easy way to increase profits without huge expenditures.

The only problem is, now that you’re online, you’re not seeing the jump in sales that you expected. So what next?

If you’re not seeing the conversions you’d like, don’t panic. You won’t have to hire an expensive web designer in order to improve your online sales.

By implementing these landing page conversion tips for small businesses, you can improve the look of your website, increase usability, and encourage customers to take the next step in the conversion process.

Analyze Your Bounce Rate to Increase Visitor Engagement

Your website’s bounce rate is one of the number one metrics you should be monitoring as you seek to improve your conversion rate.

Your bounce rate can give you clues about the effectiveness of your landing pages, whether your advertising campaign is targeting the right people, and whether your PPC ads are having the desired effect.

In order to capitalize on this information, however, you need to understand what your bounce rate is telling you.