What Are You Lookin' At?

Improve the Usability of your Website by making it Scanable.

Taking In The View by Randy son of Robert

Website visitors are fickle creatures. They click, they scan, they browse, and nary a second goes by they aren’t moving. With all the extraneous content available online these days, people have become exceptional skimmers—the skill is crucial now that almost half their time is spent just looking for what they want.

Eye Movement and Website Usability

For companies hoping to improve their website usability—thereby making it easier for visitors to get from landing point A to selling point B—a basic understanding eye movement and user behavior is a must.

Do You Know Your Web Analytics Jargon?

girl nerd by katybateIn the sixth grade, I knew a girl who read dictionaries for fun. While other kids ran around during recess, kicking their hacky sacks—do they still have those?—and rubbing dirt into each other’s hair, this girl sat under a tree, her eyes skimming over individual definitions and sample sentences, reveling in whatever illumination she found there.

We snickered at her and continued playing what could loosely be interpreted as kickball—not sure we made as good a use of our time as her. Last I heard, she’s running a highly successful engineering consulting firm, which leads me to a general conclusion about my own field: sometimes in the wide world of web analytics it’s good to take a second and review the terminology. And especially if you’ve never taken the time to understand the jargon bantered about by the kids down in the IT basement, here’s a crash course on the relevant techno-slang.