Tips On Adding Better Calls to Action In Blog Posts Without Spamming

call-to-action-thumbnailIf you’re writing blog posts and trying to direct readers to buying or subscribing with some sort of call to action, you need to take in mind how to effectively convert them without spamming. If you believe you aren’t spamming, take a closer look at your individual blog posts and compare social shares, comments, and actual sales, visits, or subscribes.

You will see a lower response and it could mean that your blog post:

  • was boring.
  • somehow indicated to the reader that you were spamming them.
  • had no proper call to action

It is possible to spam your own readers in your blog posts. It is often an implication that you are desperate for sales, or you lack the knowledge on writing copy, or you lack enough knowledge in the topic that your posts fall flat. It could also be a combination of any of these.

You don’t have to be deceptive about it.

Progress Bar Tips and Tricks

The Conversionator V3 N24: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Teaching Website Conversion

Max The Conversionator

This week’s edition covers progress bar tricks, a segmented website structure outline, the power of photography and video for driving sales, tips to boost your ecommerce sales, and making your site search-friendly for spider programs:

– Intelligent and informed design can make your progress bar seem faster than it really is. How to Make Progress Bars Feel Faster to Users from UX Movement shares findings from recent research studies along with a few solutions to make things appear a bit faster than they really are

Knowing Your Social Media Venues

Social Media

Learning social media can present a steep learning curve if you’re not familiar with all the terminology.

Before you can begin the process of deciding what’s right for you, you need to understand what’s available and what the benefits of each social media venue are.

Let’s take a look at some different forms of social media and how they can help your business.

Five Things to Watch for in Social Media for 2010

For companies, 2010 will be about more clearly connecting social media to business objectives and better understanding how to measure the direct and indirect return on investment of social media. Integrating social media into the sales funnel to support lead generation and transactions will be a top priority.

Here is what to watch out for in 2010 for social media: