Conversion Copywriting to Engage Your Ideal Prospect

I’ll admit it, I love having a GPS. No longer do I have to drive into gas stations and ask directions… my little lady is there to guide me through rights, lefts, detours and alternate routes until I hear the magic words “your destination is on the right”.

When you’re writing for your website, your copy needs to provide a sort of GPS for your readers. Good copy will guide them to the information, products and services they need or want.

Here are some things that can help improve your copywriting GPS system:

Seven Must-Have Elements of Copywriting for Conversion

copywriting for conversionCopy is often the last thing to be added to your website.

Small business owners of successfully converting websites understand that it’s the copy that will cause their website to stand out from their  competitiors in the online marketing world.

Copywriting for conversion necessitates an understanding not only of the audiences you’re writing for, but also the best ways to appeal to those audiences.

1. Write to a specific customer.

This may seem counterintuitive, shouldn’t you be writing for all of your customers?  When you write for everyone you actually write to no one. To engage your audience your copy needs to feel like it’s a long email addressed to the person who is reading it. Write as if you are speaking to a specific person and you are more likely to write compelling, engaging copy.

What Can You Expect from The Free Conversion Idea?

Free Conversion Idea Maybe you’re wondering about whether you’ll get anything useful if you sign-up for the free idea – so we thought you might like a sample (no names of course) of the response one person received after they requested the free idea for their website:

Here’s Carl’s Free Conversion Idea:

We have spent time on your website and there a variety of reasons your visitors are not taking the final step.  It all starts with the first impression on your home page.

Depending on whose research you believe, you only have a few seconds to grab people with your Value Proposition.  If you don’t, they either will bounce off the website, or will click around and leave.  The most important single thing you have to do, with fierce competitors like …, is differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Crafting an Effective Unique Value Proposition

Creating A Unique Value PropositionAs a small business owner, when was the last time you thought about what made you stand out from other businesses that offer similar services?

If your answer is never, then beware. If you don’t know what makes you unique, then your customers don’t either, and shopping with you will become a ho-hum proposition.

Every business should be able to clearly define their unique value proposition in order to form the foundation for marketing campaigns and customer interaction.

Landing Page Conversion Rate: Finding the Missing Pieces

Landing Page Conversion Rate: Finding the Missing PiecesFor many sites, trying to improve the landing page conversion rate is like riding a bicycle with no pedals.  You might be able to make the bike move or even attempt to ride it, but that’s not a very efficient way to accomplish anything!

Many online business owners are unaware of “missing pieces” that could really make their conversion rate improve.  Let’s take a look at several oft-neglected things that could easily improve your landing page conversion rate.

Quick…What is Your Unique Value Proposition?

Your Unique Value Proposition - The Thing that Makes You UniqueYour unique value proposition should be the foundation for everything you do—your marketing strategy, your ad copy, the products you choose to sell, and your customer service approach.

If you do not have one, then you will not have a unifying factor behind all these elements and it will be difficult to determine your business goals.

If you already have a unique value proposition, is it the right one?  Does it serve as the foundation for your business approach?  To help make this concept more concrete, let us use an example.

How Unique is Your Website's Value Proposition?

When you only have about 3 seconds to grab a visitors attention and hold it – differentiating your company from your competition is critical. Learn how your Unique Value Proposition can separate your products or services from the crowd. Also called a Selling Proposition or just a Value Proposition – if it isn’t unique, it won’t provide the value that it could, to your website.

How good is your website’s Unique Value proposition?

Increasing Your Website Conversion Rate 3 Ways

In the website world, conversions are king. The number of sales, lead, or members are critical to the success of a website. Therefore, it follows that increasing your conversion rate is very important for every small business with a web presence. Here are three ways you can start increasing your website’s conversion rate today.

Finding Your Unique Value Proposition

You’re good at what you do. You wouldn’t be in business otherwise. But how can you convince others that you’re the one they should turn to when they want to build a house, design a website, or buy an energy drink?

The key lies in developing an effective Unique Value Proposition and being able to follow through on your promise.

What is a Unique Value Proposition?

A Unique Value Proposition is more than a company slogan. It should embody the essence of your company, stating not only what sets you apart from other companies doing the same thing, but also in meeting the needs and goals of your target market.