Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

The Conversionator V2 N14: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Teaching Website ConversionBe it search marketing, content marketing, social media marketing… this week’s edition is focused on small business marketing:   – According to the American Express OPEN and Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) Small Business Search Marketing Survey, social media is the top online marketing channel for small businesses after company websites – 44% respondents used social media for marketing, 28% used SEO, and 21% used paid search

Are You In Google Places?

The Conversionator V2 N8: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Max the Conversionator from Diamond Website Conversion

Whether preparing a SEO or link building campaign, concerned how to not damage your brand in the social media space or unaware of the benefits of Google Places, this week’s edition offers several tips, suggestions, and best practices to help guide you in the right direction:

The Mighty Search Engine: SEO Tips for Your Website

Weekly Roundup of Conversion Ideas v2, N3

The Conversionator™ V2 N3: Weekly Insights and Ideas

-This week’s edition is all about search engine optimization. We have step-by-step guides, discussion on duplicate content and gory details on Google search results.

Learning SEO From the Experts: A Step-By-Step Guide from HubSpot is a free 21-page SEO guide covering all the elements of a successful SEO improvement strategy, offering useful tips to get found online by more prospective customers

– B2C Marketing Insider shares SEO expert Jill Whalen’s quick answers to eight of the most widely believed myths about Search Engine Optimization in their recent 8 Popular SEO Myths post

Attracting Your Target Market

Attracting Your Target Market You know the importance of marketing to a target audience in order to sell most effectively. But once you have determined who makes up your target market, how do you make sure they see your marketing messages? Part of selling to any group of people is thinking like they do so that you match your message to their needs and desires. Here’s how.

The Conversionator V1 N4: Analytics, Site Bounce, Optimization and Usability Lists

The Conversionator™ V1 N4: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Conversionator Volume 1 Number 4Given the increased amount of lists we all are making (and checking twice) at this time of year, lists are running rampant right now so with the seasonal onslaught in mind this week’s Conversionator edition is focused on analytics, site bounce, optimization and usability lists:

– The Get Elastic blog from Elastic Path Software compiled a list of 5 tips for leveraging analytics during the holiday season while minimizing your time their recent Analyze This: 5 Analytics Tips for the Holiday Season post

Delivering Web Applications Quickly Across Multiple Devices

The Conversionator™ V1 N3: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Weekly Roundup of Conversion IdeasThis week I’ve compiled resources on the multi-browser world, a few quick search engine optimization fixes, an interesting multivariate testing case study,  and a bounce rate infographic which should all be helpful in optimizing your website to get 2011 off to a good start:

– Are you delivering quality web experiences to all your end users? Gomez, the Web performance division of Compuware, put together a helpful whitepaper: Thriving in a Multi-Browser World to help you learn how to deliver fast, quality web applications across the browsers and devices your customers use