Conversionator V2 N25: Social Media Marketing

SuperMax Conversionator PPC Ad Copy Strategies, and Website Redesign Tips

Whether you’re looking for insights on social media, mobile websites, analytics metrics, PPP ad copy, or website redesign, this week’s edition is full of helpful tips:

– Insider tips are helpful and crucial to the effectiveness of social media channels so Ragan’s PR Daily put together a bevy of tips, plus a bonus “cheat sheet” SlideShare deck in The Basics: 30 Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

– As smartphone penetration in the U.S. surges toward the 100 million mark, iMedia Connection’s Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Sites Fail offers some simple recommendations based on five of the most common mobile site fails

To Test or Not to Test?

website under maintenanceYou’ve just performed a website redesign, and your landing page conversion rates have dropped through the floor. You’ve got several ideas regarding what the cause might be: the new call to action button should be orange, not red; the headline should be larger; and the navigation bar across the top should be moved to the side. You tell your design crew to start tweaking, anxious to get those rates back up where they should be.

Redesign Your Website One Button at a Time

If you’ve just launched a website or a completed a redesign, you may be tempted think that you can sit back and relax, letting your website run for a while without any more changes. After all, you’ve put a lot of time and effort into getting it just perfect. Why start tweaking things now?

If you view web redesign as a one-time overhaul that incorporates major changes once or twice a year, it’s time to rethink your strategy. While redesigns of this type can be helpful at times, both you and your viewers will experience less frustration and greater satisfaction if you aim for continuous improvement to increase conversion rates.

4 Tips for A Successful Website Redesign

Redesign to Improve Website ConversionYour website has been up for a year or two. As you’ve flitted around the web since then, you’ve seen amazing website designs, innovative conversion ideas, and exciting new capabilities. Before you know it, you’ve got a bad case of the “I wanna’s” and you’re ready to start tacking new buttons, animations, and gadgets onto every page of your website.

Before you jump into a redesign with both feet, however, take some time to remember why you have a website in the first place: conversions. In order to make your website work for you, conversion optimization in website redesign should be your goal in each stage of the process. Here are some tips to help you get started.