How User-Friendly is Your Navigation?

The Conversionator V3 N37: Weekly Insights and Ideas

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This week’s edition includes suggestions for using Markerly to build brand awareness, insights into behavioral economics’ relation to conversion optimization, key components for user-friendly website navigation, site content areas to improve upon to increase ROI and conversions, and ideas for improving your PPC campaign conversions:

– To help ensure your website navigation offers a positive experience from a usability perspective, HubSpot outlines The Key Components of a User-Friendly Website Navigation  in order to design your navigation in a way that makes sense to website users

Boost PPC Conversion with Relevant Landing Pages

PPC Advertising The PPC landing page is just as important as the ad itself when it comes to PPC conversion, and some would argue even more so.

While it would be easy to create a tidy list of tips on how to optimize your landing pages (and don’t worry, we’ll get to the tips), the more important and slightly more messy issue is understanding the psychology behind landing pages that work.

Can You Ever Declare Victory on Your Conversion Rate?

Calculating Conversion RateConversion rate is one of those concepts that people often misunderstand, especially when determining whether they should be happy with their current rate or not.

If you’ve done much reading you’ve probably come across experts who tell you that 2% is a good conversion rate and that you should be happy if you reach that number. And while 2% certainly isn’t a bad conversion rate, there’s more to the picture than just that one number.

Whether you have reached 2% currently or not, here are some reasons you should continually strive to improve your rates with conversion rate optimization.