4 Steps to Better Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Getting People to BuyIf you operate an ecommerce site, your approach to conversion will be a little different from sites seeking a non-monetary commitment. Because parting with money is always a little painful, your ecommerce conversion strategy will require careful calculation to convince visitors to hand over their credit card numbers. If you’re ready to lift your ecommerce conversion rates out of the 2% bracket and into the 15% or more range, start by implementing this four-pronged conversion strategy.

4 Copywriting Tips to Improve your Product Descriptions

Increase sales with better product descriptions

Writing product descriptions may seem like an endless and sometimes boring task, especially if your e-commerce website offers thousands of products.

But in reality, product descriptions are one of the most important aspects of copywriting for conversion, because visitors who skip over your blogs and introductory material will be more likely to read product descriptions for the items they’re interested in.

Writing Headlines that Boost Conversion Rates

copywriting for conversionStudies of internet user behavior indicate that you have about ten seconds to capture a viewer’s attention before he clicks away.

 If you use those ten seconds wisely, you can capture the interest of that viewer and begin directing him toward the conversion decision you want him to make. If you squander them, your conversion rates plummet.

Is Your Website Tricking or Treating Your Visitors?

Your Bounce Rate will Tell You What Your Visitors Think

Trick or treat Happy Halloween!

Today,  I thought we’d focus on a web analytics measurement that can give you a pretty clear indication if your website is a trick or a treat for your visitors.

Bounce rate is one of those metrics that may look discouraging at first, but that actually offers valuable information that can transform your website.

Bounces can indicate the success or failure of your website as a whole or of specific elements.

Your bounce rate can be a treasure trove of information aimed directly at the heart of your overall online success.

How Bounce Rate Is Measured

Just about all analytics programs have a metric for bounce rate. In Google Analtyics it is based on whether a visitor clicks on more than one page before leaving your website (if he doesn’t, that’s a bounce).

Seven Must-Have Elements of Copywriting for Conversion

copywriting for conversionCopy is often the last thing to be added to your website.

Small business owners of successfully converting websites understand that it’s the copy that will cause their website to stand out from their  competitiors in the online marketing world.

Copywriting for conversion necessitates an understanding not only of the audiences you’re writing for, but also the best ways to appeal to those audiences.

1. Write to a specific customer.

This may seem counterintuitive, shouldn’t you be writing for all of your customers?  When you write for everyone you actually write to no one. To engage your audience your copy needs to feel like it’s a long email addressed to the person who is reading it. Write as if you are speaking to a specific person and you are more likely to write compelling, engaging copy.

Search Engine Rules of Engagement

The term “search engine marketing for small businesses” may seem inherently contradictory.

After all, search engines don’t market; they identify relevant results that point the searcher toward the information he needs. But the truth is that even though the search engine was designed to meet the needs of searchers, small business owners can profit from the capabilities of search engines simply by knowing and following the rules of engagement.

Copywriting to Improve your Conversion Rate

copywriting for conversion While a picture may be worth a thousand words, a website without any words is likely to be ineffective. Even with an appealing graphic design and strategic layout, you’re unlikely to have a high conversion rate without text. In fact, text is actually the most important feature of your website; after all, it’s the text that is the key to attracting browsers in the first place.