5 Tips to Improve your Ecommerce Site Search

How good is your site search?

How good is your site search?

Google has spoiled us. When we go online, we expect to be able to find the specific information we’re looking for immediately with a minimum of effort.

Even if we don’t know the exact name of the item in question, we can type in an approximation or a description and most of the time, Google knows what we mean. That’s great for a search engine.

When it comes to your ecommerce website, however, this high expectation can leave visitors frustrated if your search function can’t accommodate them as quickly as Google. It can even cost you some sales.

The good news is that your ecommerce conversion optimization strategy can ease the tension by creating a better search experience for site visitors. Let’s take a look at five steps to better search:

Are Your Product Pages Turning Your Customers Off?

this website stinksIf a visitor reaches your product page, chances are he has a decent level of interest in what you have to offer.

At this stage in the shopping game, there are four things he’s going to be looking at most closely:

          • the product description
          • product image
          • price
          • call to action

          Let’s take a look at some conversion optimization tips for each of these elements.

          Ecommerce Conversion: One Page vs. Multi-Page Checkout

          Online Shopping Cart In the fast-paced realm of e-commerce, helping your customers reach the end of the conversion process as seamlessly as possible not only increases your ecommerce conversion rate, but also leaves them feeling satisfied and more likely to return.

          Studies show that ease of checkout is a huge contributing factor when it comes to keeping your customers happy and increasing  ecommerce conversion rates.

          But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, many companies find it difficult to make the choice between a one-page checkout and a multi-page checkout process.

          The Conversionator V1 N2: ECommerce Conversion

          Conversionator Volume 1 Number 1

          Tips to Improve E-Commerce Conversion

          The holiday season is upon us so this week’s focus is eCommerce tips and suggestions to help you increase your visibility and conversion rates. With Cyber Monday being just a few days away, there’s still time to implement a few strategic tweaks to help you get the most out of the biggest online shopping day of the year as well as the rest of the 2010 Holiday season: