Inertia and Reactance

Bypassing Your Prospects’ Hard-Wired Conversion Obstacles, Pt. 2:

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the first of the three psychological reasons people to say “no” that Dr. Eric Knowles examined in his book, Resistance and Persuasion.

In this article, we’ll explore the second and third forms of resistance: inertia and reactance. Circumventing these obstacles can have a massive impact on the performance of your website.

Guilty As Charged…

Are You Making One of These 5 Fatal Shopping Cart Mistakes?

Have you ever gone into a store and filled your shopping cart, only to be distracted from completing the purchase by another responsibility?

Online Shopping CartIf we’re talking about your local Sav-A-Lot, the answer is probably “Not too often.” But when we move into the realm of online shopping, your answer probably changes to “Oh, yes. Many times.”

The good news, however, is that you can reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate for your e-commerce site significantly when you implement these savvy strategies.

Can Follow-up Increase Website Conversions?

The Conversionator V3 N23: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Weekly Roundup of Conversion Ideas

Max The Conversionator

This week’s edition covers e-commerce lead generation strategies, mobile shopping metrics to optimize, a Pinterest eye-tracking study, following up with customers to increase conversions, and website redesign factors:

– The Customer Lifecycle: How Following-Up Can Increase Your Conversions from KISSmetrics goes over the “how”, shows case studies of how following-up helped two companies, and presents some tools you can use to make following up easier


Bypassing Your Prospects’ Hard-Wired Conversion Obstacles, Pt. 1

In his 2003 book Resistance and Persuasion, Dr. Eric Knowles explores the psychological reasons people to say “no.” Understanding why your website’s visitors tell you “no thanks” can go a long way in helping you change more of their responses to “yes please.”

Dr. Knowles talked about 3 main root causes for the natural resistance to the sales process: skepticism/distrust, inertia and reactance. Today, we’ll analyze skepticism in more detail to see how you can neutralize it and increase your site’s conversion rate and profitability.

Don't Ignore These 3 Keys for PPC Campaign Success

Google AdwordsIf you’re new to the PPC advertising scene, you may be a little overwhelmed by the vast body of information and advice out there.

Small business owners especially need to understand how to sift the vital information from the interesting tidbits.

 In order to build an effective campaign, you’ve got to start with the basics. In this article, we’ll take a look at the three most important elements of PPC for small businesses.

Once you have these elements down pat, you can start delving into some of the more interesting and challenging aspects of crafting a finely nuanced PPC strategy.