How much did PANDA cost you?

Panda Now that we’re almost 6 months into Google’s PANDA update, how has it affected your website’s traffic?

We’ve been asking our clients this question in our July meetings, trying to determine how much the panda updates have affected their organic traffic.

The general consensus has been that their traffic hasn’t been growning the way it was.  Even those that follow their traffic numbers closely tend to look at weekly and monthly totals and don’t segregate their traffic by channel.

Maximizing Your Small Business PPC Campaign

As a small business, it can be tough to compete with the big guys in your field. Bigger budgets allow for broader marketing scope, at least when it comes to traditional marketing methods.

Small business PPC management services allow small businesses to compete on the same playing ground as the big guys. In order to do so effectively, you’ll need to create a strategy that makes the best use of every PPC marketing dollar.

Are Your Call To Action Buttons Really Action Oriented/

The Conversionator™ V2 N31: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Conversionator Volume 1 Number 4This week’s edition is a collection of tips covering call-to-action buttons, email newsletters, QR codes, local marketing and eye tracking:

– On pages where a call-to-action is the focus, one of the most important features is the conversion button itself. 4 Tips to Supercharge Call-To-Action Buttons from HubSpot offers a few tips to make your buttons more successful

Building Bridges to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Golden Gate BridgeIf you think of conversion as a destination, then your website is the road to that destination and your customers are the travelers.

Directing traffic to your website through SEO or social media  is about getting customers on the right road – the road to your website. The purpose of conversion optimization is to keep them on the road so that they reach the final destination  – conversion.

The problem is that most websites have glitches that cause their customers to halt the conversion process. Think of them as broken bridges. If the customer can’t cross the bridge, he’ll take a detour and perhaps end up on another company’s website.