Wow Them With Video

Video can be a great tool for introducing new products, engaging customers on the product page, or showing visitors how a particular product works.

I recently needed to replace my UGG insoles  –  so I went over to Zappos and checked out this video on the product detail page:

Short and engaging – and totally in sync with the Zappos Brand.

Creating Product Page Videos

What should your product page video include? Obviously, it should be informative and specific to that product. But beyond that, try these ideas for content:

Include several shots of the product

Show the product from several angles during the course of the video. I’m seeing a lot of 360-degree shots, especially on jewelry and unfamiliar or technical products.

Show the product being used

Create an emotional appeal by showing the product in use by a typical customer. Whether you’re selling tennis shoes or kitchen appliances, you can encourage customers to engage with your message on an emotional level when you demonstrate how the product can be implemented into their lives.

Include a how-to

For technical or difficult-to-understand products, use your video as an opportunity to show the customer how it works.

Test Content for Conversion Optimization

Even the best videos must be optimized for conversion. Should you just have a small video play button with the video on a separate page or in a light box, or embed it on product page? Should you include customer videos or only professional videos?

Just like you test your headlines, copy and call to action buttons – you’ll need to test your video content and its placement on the page.


For most product videos, shorter is better. Customers have short attention spans. Keep your videos as short and engaging as possible to maximize views.

Call to Action

Every video should include a call to action. You can explicitly ask customers to look for and click on the call to action or you can include it as text or graphic within the video itself.


The jury is still out on whether people in general respond to male and female voices differently. However, you can determine which one works best for your audience by running a simple split test.

In order to get the most out of your product page videos, you’ll need a strategic plan that not only creates effective video content, but also presents that content in a compelling format.

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