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How Divorce Website Founder Helped Herself Succeed

Help Yourself Divorce
Ten years ago Aryanne Robertson, founder of, decided to help herself learn. Her goal – to give herself a crash course in website construction, so she could build an HTML website for her new online business.’s business produces all the documents necessary to obtain an uncontested divorce.

 Falling Revenues

The website she created was state-of-the-art and brought her a lot of revenue for nearly a decade, but in the fall of 2011 business dropped off precipitously and inexplicably.

Was it the economy? Almost certainly one reason. The competition? Could be. The fact that the website looked and functioned very much like it had  ten years ago? Without a doubt.

 The Site Needed an Overhaul

“I knew that my website needed a complete overhaul,” said Aryanne, a paralegal in Orlando, Florida. “It was sorely lacking compared to other sites, with too much text, confusing navigation and an antiquated contact option.”

She also knew that a lot of people were visiting her site but most weren’t staying long, and too few of them were becoming customers. In other words, she needed help not only with website design but also with conversion.

 The Search for a Solution

As she searched for a solution, Aryanne consulted several website companies, but all they offered were superficial design changes – and that just wasn’t enough.

She Liked What She Read About Diamond Website Conversion

One day while doing a Google search Aryanne encountered Diamond Website Conversion.

“What I read that I liked right away was that they didn’t just design a new website for you but that they helped you with the content of the pages, too, with the goal of increasing conversions,” she remembered.

 An Irresistible Offer – One Free Actionable Idea

Then Aryanne read that Diamond Website Conversion would look over her site and send her a free actionable idea for improving her website’s conversion rate, .even before they spoke. She went for it. What did she have to lose?

Within a day Aryanne received a detailed email from Carl Diamond, who suggested changing what visitors saw first, when landing on her home page, in order to keep them there longer.

“He said seeing FAQ’s, Who We Are, Why Choose Us? and What to Expect were non-starters,” she recalled, “and that they were being introduced in the wrong sequence.

“They seemed to know what they were talking about and had a lot of expertise. I felt comfortable with them right away. As soon as he responded, I made the decision to hire them.”

 Easy and Thorough

She said Carl and his wife Marty Diamond “made everything easy right from the beginning.”

They were very thorough with their analysis and suggestions and spent more time working on her business with her than she anticipated.

They started by asking her to define what set her apart from the competition.

That was easy. She charges $149 per case opposed to $300-$350 that competitors charge, because she has no overhead and employees. Another differentiation is that a human being (her), not a computer, compiles the documents and ensures that each customer receives a quality product.

 Competitor Research – The Good and the Bad

They held several GoToMeeting conferences where Marty, who had meticulously researched’s competition, showed Aryanne websites of competing companies as they both watched the same screen. She pointed out things the competitors were doing right that Aryanne could employ and what they were doing wrong.

 So Many Questions – So Many Answers

Aryanne had many questions, and Diamond Website Conversion had many answers. “They were so patient about explaining things to me. Marty should be a teacher,” Aryanne said. “I asked some probably ridiculously stupid questions, but she was willing to answer them all.”

 The Redesigned Website

Marty presented Aryanne with proposals from a couple of web designers that Diamond Website Conversion partners with, and produced site mockups for Aryanne to inspect.

It took four months from start to finish, because Aryanne and Diamond Website Conversion agreed it would be a mistake to rush a site that would make or break her financial future.

They got her site built on a WordPress platform so that she could easily make changes. They added a simple contact form and improved the site’s navigation, among other things.

 Business Began to Turn Around

Aryanne says that her business began to turn around as soon as the new site was launched, and she has been recommending Diamond Website Conversion to other business owners ever since.

 Dealing with “The Best” from Start to Finish

“I tell people that Marty and Carl are extremely thorough and patient and will work with you 100 percent,” she said. “From start to finish you feel like you are dealing with the best. They really get to know your business when they work with you. They become experts on what you do.”

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