How to Create A Successful Landing Page

The sign at the local farmer’s market announced fresh handmade Christmas wreaths. I go to the first stall and then another, and another… All the wreaths are made of fresh douglas fir branches,  all have pretty bows,  and all have friendly people in the stall making the wreaths. Prices? All the same.

Then at the last stall, an older woman is making fresh wreaths and she’s adding bits of fruit, berries, twigs and flowers – Maybe not exactly what I was looking for….but then again…they’re really interesting.

In a world of sameness, how do you make your offerings stand out?

Creating effective landing pages requires a commitment to finding not just what works with your audience, but also how to stand out from your competitors.

There are no hard and fast landing page formulas, because every market is different – and your pages need to be designed specifically for your market.

However, there are some ground rules that you can follow during the creative process.

Present Your Value Proposition Clearly

Your value proposition must be presented clearly on every page of the conversion process, but especially on your landing page. In a nutshell, the value proposition is the one aspect of your business that differentiates you from your competition.

It’s the thing that sets your company apart. Your UVP gives prospective customers a reason to choose you and not one of your competitors.

If a prospective customer pulls up your landing page and two others in their browser, and:

  • all 3 have substantially the same offer
  • except for a few design differences  all 3 pages are basically indistinguishable from each other

How do they decide who to do business with?

Why rely on luck? Help them make their decision with by demonstrating what makes your company (or products/services) unique or special.

Create an Expectation and Follow Through

Both your content and the design have to work in tandem. The expectations set in the ad must be fulfilled in the customers mind, when they land on your page.

If your ad promises a free legal consultation, then your landing page headline should be about the free consultation, not about the services you offer, your track record, or anything else.

If you promise professional legal advice, then your website should look professional and appropriately serious in nature. It shouldn’t use clip art graphics and a pink and green color scheme.

Design Your Page to Support Your Value Proposition

What about the call to action, the copy, the headline, the navigation, and all the other elements that go into creating a landing page? Is there a landing page optimization formula that will help you get it right? We could boil it all down to say that the design, copy and graphics must support your value proposition.

For example, let’s say your ad promises a quick, easy life insurance quote – and your value proposition is to provide customers with a quick, easy way to get 3 competitive life insurance quotes.

When the visitor lands on your page, he sees a lengthy form with twenty fields and tiny type. It looks anything but quick and easy. In fact, it looks laborious and headache-inducing.

That’s a failed landing page.

Motivate for Success

A successful landing page optimization formula should motivate the customer to act. That entails understanding a little bit about user psychology and learning how to persuade your audience.

Because every audience is different, the nuts and bolts will be different as well, but the bottom line is that you must understand what your audience wants and give it to them.

Back at the wreath stall, when the woman asked me to pick the dried flowers I liked and she wove them into a fir wreath – my decision was made for me.

I asked her how she came up with the idea of using the dried flowers in the first place… and she said that she’d started with the same fir wreaths as everyone else – but during the slow times she’d experimented with adding the flowers and twigs – and customers started picking those wreaths instead of her traditional ones.

But if you sell online – how do you find out what your customers like? You can’t talk to them or see their reactions. ,

It’s easy – let your customers tell you want the like/want by constantly experimenting and improving your landing pages, and then testing the new page against your current one.

The result – more sales – more leads – more conversions.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below .

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