5 Tips for Creating Great Landing Page Video

Video can increase web conversions.

Test the placement of video on your landing page to maximize viewing and conversions.

Video does a great job of communicating visually in a short space of time what it might take paragraphs and paragraphs of copy to explain.

Done right, it helps visitors picture themselves doing or having or experiencing, which is a great way to emotionally connect.

So why doesn’t every landing page have video?

What’s the Goal of Your Landing Page?

Well, obviously, it’s to produce conversions, right? And that means every element on the page should move your visitors toward that goal.

If video can improve conversion rate optimization (and it very often can), then great. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that video is always better than no video. We’ve tested landing pages where video actually hurt the conversion rate. It really all depends on your visitors and what they need/want.

Like any other image on a landing page, include video only if it’s a targeted message that directly supports your conversion goals. Otherwise it’s merely a distraction.

Tips for Creating Great Landing Page Video

Videos can improve landing page optimization by keeping visitors on your page longer, building trust, and giving you longer to drive home your brand message. Follow these tips for effective videos that improve conversion rate optimization:

  • Showcase your call to action—The point of your landing page is still the call to action, not the video, so make sure the video directs the reader’s attention to your Big Orange Button. You can include text at the beginning, end, or at strategic points throughout the video, and you can also have a person physically point to the call to action.
  • Test clickto-play vs. autoplay—Click-to-play gives the visitor a chance to view other content before watching your video, or to by-pass the video altogether. For some, autoplay videos can be annoying when they really just want to get to the meat of your message. For others, however, an autoplay video can grab their attention and draw them in. Test to see which group makes up the majority of your audience.
  • Keep it brief—One to two minutes is a good rule of thumb for communicating necessary information without boring your audience. However, an interested audience will listen to really long videos without complaint and want more. Long selling videos can be successful if done right. Test your video length to find the right balance for your audience.
  • Record separate audio for demos—Don’t try to record audio and video at the same time when you’re demonstrating a product. Overlaying the audio later will produce a more professional-sounding end product.
  • Professional Recording vs. Do It Yourself – Test out your video with friends and family before you post it on your site. Recording yourself or having a friend do the honors is trickier than it sounds. Visitors will judge your company and your products by the quality of your video, the production values, the message and the visual image. As they watch and listen to your message, they’ll be forming their opinion. Make sure it’s the opinion you want them to have.  

Videos can help your landing pages hit a home run even with visitors who have never encountered your brand before. They’re a great way to improve your conversion rates, but only if you follow the basic rules of creating targeted content and testing.


  1. Can you suggest a good approach for testing things such as click-to-play vs. auto-play and optimal length of a landing page video?  How many should you include in your sample? Does it appear unprofessional if you ask a customer to be involved in the test?

    • The first question is what do you want them to do once they see the video –  is there an action following the video play that you can measure to determine how the video is impacting the “conversion”   If not testing may not be the right approach.  A good alternative if testing isn’t a good fit is to run a survey –  yes you’re getting opinions and not “test results” but even so it will give you a pretty clear indicator of what people think  – just have a quick survey and tell people that you’re thinking of putting a video on the page and would they prefer it to start playing automatically when the page loads or would they prefer to click on the play button to start it.   In the case of the survey  – of course you can have clients/ prospects/ anyone complete it  –  with the test – if you can figure out a conversion event – yes you can have customers participate  –
      Just send me an email if you have more questions about it  –  happy to go into more detail  marty @diamondwebsiteconversion.com  –  Marty

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