Landing Page Design Tips

Landing Page Optimization If you’re seeking to develop landing pages that work, you’ll need to do a little more than slap all the relevant information up on a page and hope for the best.

Truly effective landing pages follow proven tricks of the trade to ensure the highest rates of conversion and to give the reader a reason to click. Consider implementing these landing page design tips to increase the conversion capabilities of your landing pages.

  • What can the visitor do, buy or get? 

First orient people landing on the page. Let them know immediately what the page is about. Match the expectation set in the ad, email or search result. Reassure them that you can help solve their problem, fill their need, or provide the service/product they’re looking for.

  •  Where is the value?

We like to comparison shop. When your potential customers have you and two competitor’s websites open on their monitor, what is going to compel them to do business with your company? Are you clearly expressing the value they can expect to get from your company?

  •  Showcase the call to action

Use eye-catching colors, make it big, surround it with white space and place it above the fold to ensure that the visitor doesn’t have to wander all over the page trying to figure out what the next step is.

  • Links

It’s not that links are a no-no, it’s that they need to be used strategically. Every link that isn’t your call to action is an opportunity for the reader to slip through the cracks of your conversion funnel. If the links don’t send visitors to relevant information that is just a different route to conversion, think about eliminating them.

  • Navigation

Navigation is something that needs to be tested. Some landing pages perform better without any navigation. Other sites find that navigation helps their conversions. Let your customers make this decision for you. Test both types of landing pages and see which is the winner with your customers.

  • Images

Is it relevant? On a landing page, the images and copy must work together as a team, each reinforcing the message of the other. Unrelated images not only distract from the main goal: conversion, but they also leave the visitor confused, and a confused visitor says no.

  • Load Time

Seven seconds? Four seconds? The time it takes to blink? Experts may vary on how long you have for a page to load, but the bottom line is, make it fast. Eliminate that slows your load time or you’ll lose your audience before they ever see the page.

  • Mobile Friendly

Can mobile users easily see and click the call to action on your landing page? Are there navigation links they should have access to? Try to make all the important information large enough to read and click without enlarging.

  • Include contact information

Some people prefer to call and talk to you, rather than complete a form or purchase online. If you’re willing to take phone orders, make it easy to contact you by providing a phone number that’s easy to find. .

  • Place critical conversion elements above the fold

Everything that is essential to conversion should be viewable without scrolling. Most people won’t take the time to scroll down and find the important stuff.

If your goal is increasing landing page conversion rate, these essential design tips will get you started on the right foot. Don’t forget to test and test again to ensure that the design you choose will elicit the best response from your audience.

What are your favorite tips for designing effective landing pages?


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