Is More Traffic Always Better?

Old sales goalWhen you put up a new website, the immediate tendency is to go hog wild with generating traffic. SEO, paid search, social media—get out there and bring in those visitors! But if nobody’s buying, your website can still fail.

Traffic is great, but it’s only half the picture. In order to improve online conversion rates, you need to generate quality traffic and optimize your site for their benefit.

Is All Traffic Good Traffic?

Let’s say your website gets 4000 visits a month and 40 of those convert into customers. That’s a 1% conversion rate. Your immediate reaction is “We need more sales. Let’s generate more traffic!” But put on the brakes a moment.

What if you could target the type of traffic that most often converts and focus your marketing efforts on those visitors. Your visits per month might stay at 4,000, but if you now get 50  conversions from those 4,000 visits, your sales just increased by 25%.

By reducing “bad” traffic (traffic that doesn’t convert) and focusing your marketing efforts on “good” traffic (the people most likely to buy from you) you can improve online conversion rates while reducing wasted marketing dollars at the same time.

Analytics – the First Step to Getting the Most Out of Your Traffic

Finding and marketing to “good traffic” means targeting the venues most likely to generate quality leads.  You can do that by:

Understanding who your ideal customer is and where they are in the buying process

What is the profile of your ideal customer? Specifics are key. The more you understand who they are, what they want, and how they make decisions – the easier it is to market to them effectively.

 Even your most ideal customer may not be ready to buy when they first encounter your website. What’s your plan for keeping in touch until they are ready to pull the trigger?  How effective is that plan?

 Each new marketing and nurturing effort needs to be monitored and measured. Your analytics program can help you measure the effectiveness of your drip marketing campaigns, your facebook contests, and your twitter engagement.

 Understanding what your target market wants

Does most of your traffic come from search engines and social media, with a much smaller percentage finding your site through paid search?’ Use your analytics program to thoroughly analyze each traffic channel separately. Are certain referral sources better than others? Are certain blog posts working for your Facebook visitors but not for your organic search visitors? By segmenting your data, you’ll see what works for each channel… and what doesn’t.

 Matching keywords and copy to visitor’s intent

 Understand what your keywords mean to your visitors. Are these keywords that they use early in the buying cycle, when they’re just “just looking”  or are these words that they use late in the buying cycle when they’re ready to buy.

 Landing pages, copy, keywords and offers for your early stage visitors need to be different from your late stage visitors.

 Using your analytics to understand entrance pages and next pages will help you structure conversion paths based on visitor intent and not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Even before high-quality traffic starts rolling in, you need to get your analytics tuned up and ready to go. Using your analytics program to understand your visitor’s behavior and how it relates to your website is the first step in converting your visitors into customers.


  1. marquita.herald says:

    Very helpful post Marty. I started blogging 3 years ago but I still remember the feeling of seeing those first few people sign up – just like the shock of seeing the first one unsubscribe. There is just so much to learn when someone first starts blogging, and no matter how well prepared you think you are, it always takes so much more work and time. I ended up purging both my blog list and my Twitter list at one point to clean them up – it was a major headache but well worth the effort. It’s the lessons we learn along the way. Welcome to the B3 community!

    • @marquita.herald Thanks Marquita  –  You’re right there is so much to learn when you first start out… It’s amazing how quickly you learn though. Excited to be part of B3 and learn from all of you.

  2. Hello Marty it took me some time to get into the habit of checking for keywords first not at hundred percent but definitely have gotten better. I enjoyed your post sometimes reading about traffic and conversion ratios gives me a headache but you certainly made sense of it. Thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing
    Marty Diamond recently posted…5 Tips for Conversion-Happy Headlines My Profile


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