Five Free Analytics Tools to Boost Conversion Rates

Analytics Data

Conversion optimization starts by analyzing your analytics data

Conversion optimization relies on knowing what’s happening when people land on your website.

  • What actions do they take?
  • When do they take them?
  • Where and when do they exit?
  • How long do they stick around?

These are just a few of the essential questions you should be asking. In this post, let’s take a look at some of the best free web analytics tools to help you keep track of the answers.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics may be the best known free analytics program, and deservedly so. The sheer volume of data can be intimidating, but it’s easy to get started with basic reports. For more advanced users, custom reporting, pivot tables, and goal tracking can be accomplished quickly and efficiently. Keep tabs on bounce rate, traffic sources, page views, search terms and much more.


Piwick is a good alternative to Google Analytics if you’re not comfortable with Google. It’s an open source PHP MySQL software program that offers many of the same abilities. The installation process is a little more complicated, but once you have it on your server you’ll have access to detailed reports on visitors, page views, marketing, and  more.


Clicky offers real time tracking statistics including heat maps, visitor activity, bounce rate, feed subscriptions and more. Both free and paid versions are available; the free version limits you to tracking one website with 3,000 page views maximum. Clicky also offers a mobile app that keeps your analytics info at your fingertips.


The free version of SmarterStats gives you access to all the same functions as the paid versions (activity reports, demographic reports, keyword suggestions, SEO campaign, etc.) but limits you to one website and one SEO campaign. If you need analytics for multiple sites per server, you must purchase the professional or enterprise edition.

Yahoo! Web Analytics

Yahoo! Web Analytics includes near real-time data collection, full-featured analytics, visitor demographics and behavior reports, PPC campaign management and more. It’s customizable and stores data in raw form for flexible analysis options.

Keep in mind that each analytics tool will measure your data slightly differently. If you have two tools installed on your site – yes some of us are waaaay into the data 🙂 – don’t freak out if they’re reporting slightly different results. If you see big differences, dig deeper, you’ve got a problem somewhere, but small differences are normal.

Web analytics tools make it easier to keep your eyes on the data, but it’s up to you to implement that knowledge into your online strategy in order to increase conversion rates.


  1. Hey Marty! I do use Google analytics and have learned quite a bit about the traffic that hit my sites.. It seems like every time I go there I learn something new. It is amazing what you can find out from this Free Tool!

    I didn’t know that Yahoo has a web analytics?? I guess I really never had to look because I do use Google Analytics and never had any problems with it..

    Thanks for sharing.. Chery 🙂
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…How Can We Reach Those Goals?My Profile

    • Hi Chery – There are a lot of good programs out there to choose from – all have strengths and weaknesses – I agree that Google Analytics is awesome – especially considering the price 🙂 What’s amazing is how much information is available and how much you can customize what you see – to make it very personal. Yes, Yahoo has a nice program and worth checking out when you’ve got some time to spare – Marty
      Marty Diamond recently posted…5 Tips to Improve your Ecommerce Site Search My Profile

  2. I have heard of most of these programs but Clicky is definitely my analytic tool of choice. I love the interface and the way data is presented. I have not started using the heatmaps feature, yet, but will be implementing that soon after I get the new design of my site all up and running. I also have Google Analytics on my sites. I have that so I know how Google is viewing my traffic and from where it thinks its coming from.

    • HI Clint – We have the exact same setup – both Clicky and Google Analytics – I tend to lean more towards Analytics primarily because it’s what clients are already using, I absolutely love customizing dashboards & creating custom reports and many of our clients have complicated marketing plans that need to be tagged and tracked which you can do pretty easily in GA. Love Clicky for the heatmaps of course and the real time data is really great. Marty
      Marty Diamond recently posted…5 Tips to Improve your Ecommerce Site Search My Profile

  3. Hi Marty,

    I have just started using Google Analytics say in less than 2 days and I am beginning to love what I see from there. This tool helps me to check on the number of hits on my blog visits and great to be able to know the traffic source too. There are a lot for me to catch up with ! 🙂 I am thinking of checking the report on daily basis so that I can analyse my blog performance. What would you suggest, Marty ?

    I am glad I stop by your blog today because there are few more tips from this blog that I will have to explore. Marty, I sincerely thank you for sharing all these stuffs.

    Pearly Quah recently posted…Secret Sauce – Kangen Water The Missing Ingredient For Restaurants In MalaysiaMy Profile

  4. Hi Marty,
    I use Google analytics, but I didn’t know about these other ones, thank you!
    Lesly Federici recently posted…Guest Kathy Morelli May 30My Profile

    • Hi Lesly – If you use and like Google Analtyics great – no need to get anything else. However some people don’t like Google or like the way that one of these other services handles their data. Having two analytics providers can get mighty confusing because there’s no standardized reporting of data – so everyone reports things slightly differently – which is enough to make you go bonkers 🙂
      Marty Diamond recently posted…Is Your WordPress Site Secure? My Profile


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