Landing Page Copy that Keeps Customers Clicking

word cloud for content development Writing effective landing pages isn’t just about communicating the necessary information.

It’s about making a connection with your audience, much the same way that a really great salesperson tries to build a relationship with you that extends beyond the walls of the store.

After all, it’s harder to say no to someone who’s just been asking about your family.

And while you can’t get quite that personal with visitors on your website, you can create effective landing pages by writing copy that encourages interaction, emotional involvement, and ultimately, conversion.

It’s All About Building Relationships

Great salespeople know how to connect with their customers so that even if the shopper doesn’t buy today, he’ll most likely come back when he is ready. Effective landing pages can accomplish essentially the same thing.

  • Be Conversational—Don’t try to sound like a book or even a white paper. Your goal isn’t essentially to be informational. It’s to connect with the reader’s emotions. So use conversational language that includes personal pronouns, short sentences, and even sentence fragments when appropriate.
  • Speak to Your Target Audience—If you sell walkers and canes to geriatric patients, you’ll strike a different tone than a company that sells tennis shoes to urban teens. Speak the language of your target audience so they’ll respond positively to what you’re saying.
  • Cut the Jargon—Don’t speak in jargonese in an attempt to impress people. They want to know the bottom line in terms they can understand. All those cool-sounding techie words? They’re turning people away.

If You Can’t Win ‘Em, Wow ‘Em

There are some people who aren’t going to connect based on your copy alone no matter what you do. They’re looking for an offer they can’t resist. So give it to them.

Come up with a fabulous giveaway, a unique offer for first-time customers, or an incredible sale. Whatever it is, it should be big enough to leave an impression they’ll take with them and talk about with their family and friends.

Effective landing pages use copy that makes people feel like part of an elite group. They want to be in the know, and your copy can help them get there.

Start building relationships from the moment a customer first reaches your landing page, and you’ll be able to capitalize on those positive feelings throughout the conversion funnel, all the way to the thank you page.

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