Drive Sales with your Value Proposition

value proposition Is your value proposition making a difference in your bottom line? If not, it could be that you haven’t yet discovered the proposition that makes a difference to your customers.

The goal of a value proposition is to let your target audience know why they should buy from you and not someone else.

Truly effective value statements operate as the basis for all your marketing efforts, and that means they have to be well-planned and truly representative of who you are as a company.

Let’s take a look at five elements of a sales-oriented value proposition.

  • Know Your Audience

First, you must have a thorough understanding of your target audience. You should be able to create a personification of a hypothetical customer based on information such as gender, occupation, income level, age, geographic location, and more. You should also be able to identify differences in buying styles, decision-making styles, and persuasive techniques most likely to reach your target audience. Without this information, you won’t know what matters most to them, and you won’t be able to communicate how you provide the value that they need.

  • Differentiation

When visitors pull up your website and those of two competitors, will they be able to understand what differentiates you from your competitors?  You must give visitors a clear reason to choose your products or services over those of your competitors.

  • Communicate Benefit

With your image of a typical customer in mind, determine how you can demonstrate benefit to that customer. Buyers don’t care how great your product or service is unless you can show them how it will make their lives better. This is the heart of the value proposition, since you are, after all, communicating value. Use language that is benefit-focused rather than feature-focused in order to convince them that you understand their needs and will effectively meet those needs.

  • Provide Proof

It’s not enough to say you’re the best; you have to actually be the best in order for your value proposition to make a difference. Substantiate any claims you make about your company. Use testimonials, customer reviews, and guarantees to provide proof and to back-up your claims.

  • Follow Through

Finally, make it a point to follow through with every customer to ensure satisfaction. One dissatisfied customer can make a big difference in your trustworthiness in the eyes of other customers.

As you seek to implement your value proposition on all levels of your marketing strategy, take the time to evaluate the statement you’re currently using to determine whether it meets each of these criteria. If it doesn’t, it may be time to rethink your strategy in order to boost sales.

Do you believe that a value proposition must be expressed in words – or can it be expressed in the images?  Tell us what you think.


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