Conversations on Website Conversion Book Club: 2010 1

Conversations on Website Conversion Book ClubIn Chapter 1 of Inbound Marketing , our current book under discussion, Halligan and Shaw make a strong case for the death of push marketing.

My experience is a bit more mixed.  Yes, I purchase a lot of products online and have for a very long time.  But,  based on the amount of junk mail we still get in our mailbox and the number of unsolicited calls we get from telemarketers (even though we’re on the National Do Not Call Registry) I would have to say push marketing is not dead yet.

However, I’m very much aware of which companies are sending us this mail and which companies are making these unsolicited calls, and we will not be doing business with them.  I am voting with my actions, with my dollars, and talking about it with my friends.  Hopefully, if enough people do the same, these companies will get the message and move towards the attraction or pull marketing model.

What do you think about push marketing?  Should we do anything about it, or can we?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

We’re trying to decide where we will ultimately have the book club discussion group.  We’ve currently set up two different locations a book club discussion on our Facebook Discussions page and the book club Conversations on Website Conversion on Goodreads.  We’re open to other suggestions also – So let us know what you think about the book club location also…. or better yet, vote with your participation by joining the conversation either on Goodreads or on Facebook.

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