Building Killer QR Code Landing Pages

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Have you checked out your QR Code landing page lately?

You’ve undoubtedly seen those little square boxes that look like TV static. They’re called QR codes, and they’re popping up everywhere.

But can QR codes really bring value to your business? The answer is yes. But only if you understand what makes them unique and how you’ll need to tailor your approach to increase landing page conversions.

What’s So Special About QR Codes?

QR codes help bridge the gap between offline and online marketing. A customer can browse actual merchandise in your brick-and-mortar store, scan a QR code and receive instant access to price comparisons, recipe ideas, statistics, survey opportunities and whatever else you can come up with to engage your visitors.

The key is to understand that users want targeted information that will be helpful to them right at that moment. So don’t dump them on your home page or make them jump through hoops.

How To Build an Engaging QR Code Landing Page

QR code landing pages need to be designed for a mobile audience. With that in mind, here are four tips that will help you increase engagement on your QR code pages.

Make It Fun

Creativity is key. Video, “Did You Know” facts, ideas on how to use the product, survey opportunities, contest entries, Facebook likes, and fashion tips are all great ideas to get your creative juices flowing, but don’t stop there. Get your team together and come up with ways you can engage the consumer from the moment he scans the code.

Offer Something of Value

Creativity is key, but don’t waste a person’s time with useless trivia. Give them something they’ll enjoy that will also enhance their understanding of or affinity for your brand.

Have a Specific Goal in Mind

QR codes can appear just about anywhere, but before you start slapping them up, make sure you have decided on a purpose for each one. For instance, a QR code on the door of your building could be a FourSquare check-in, while the one on a product label could be a price comparison feature.

Have a Great Call to Action

Let the user know what you want him to do. Like your Facebook page? Enter a contest? Register for email fashion tips? It should be obvious and compelling at a glance.

If you’re jumping on the QR code bandwagon, make sure you’ve taken the time to learn the rules of the game. Put your codes where they can be easily scanned, provide a compelling call to action, and deliver creative, valuable content in order to increase your landing page conversions.

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