Understanding Google Webmaster Tools

google-webmaster-tools-logo-thumbnailAs much as you might think Google is making it hard to get traffic, they really aren’t. They have tools like Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics. The difference between the two are the fact that Google Analytics measures your traffic, and Google Webmaster Tools tells you how Google actually sees your website.

This article is written to help you understand Google Webmaster Tools better. In fact, this article is part of a series, so there will be other parts to check out so you can become more familiar with Google Webmaster Tools.

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What Do You Do After You First Apply Google Anayltics to Your Website?

google-analytics-thumbnailWhen you get into creating and managing a website, at some point you’re going to hear about Google Analytics, especially being told you need to have it on your website. Regardless if you’re a blogger, a small business owner, or a big corporate business, you do need a tool to measure your site’s progress. Google Analytics just happens to be a good one that is also free to use.


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Does Alexa Rank Really Matter?

alexa-thumbnailAlexa is known as a site that offers website analytics and even ranks sites based on traffic. A lot of website owners that are concerned about Alexa rank, aren’t entirely certain what it is, and if it really matters? And if it does matter, who does it matter to?

This article will answer those questions.

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Panda 4.0 – Time to Wake Up!

panda4-thumbnailIf you’ve been hoping to slide with mediocre content, or can’t identify what mediocre content is, your site will be in for a scary surprise, SEO-wise. Panda 4.0 is here! For several years, Google has been trying to make website owners aware that unique and quality content is the key to getting ahead.

While many have talked the talk, they’ve never walked the walk in terms of improving their content. There are thousands of sites built to cater toward bloggers, Internet Marketers, and many other niche. So, how can you get your site out of the content doldrums and come out on top of your niche? So, if you didn’t get these updates before, what is Google Panda 4.0?

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The Skinny on SEO for Images

image-seoImages on websites are suppose to help a site. The purpose usually is to attract new buyers, readers, and subscribers. Images are also something that people can immediately connect with and decide in a moment whether they like you or what you’re saying, or maybe they will leave your site and never return.

Just plopping up an image won’t do. Of course, for the visitor, they don’t care, but for search engines like Google, those images can be a leg up on getting traffic.

So, how can you capitalize on this? In this article, you’ll learn how to optimize your images for search engines.
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Are Comments Important for Every Blog?

commentsrockMost websites that have a blog integrated into it often allow their visitors to leave comments. The benefit of having a comment system is much like a social network site or even a forum- it builds a community within the website. The community is usually where you will receive the number of subscribers, and buyers from. These are the ones who are loyal or will be long time loyal readers.

However, are comments important for every blog? Are there exceptions to this, and why?
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Facebook and Conversion: Is It Still Possible?

facebookSocial networking is a tricky tool to leverage when trying to convert people, especially Facebook. Because Facebook is always changing and trying to focus more on acquiring advertisers, it squeezes out brands. In fact, thousands of brands have felt the gradual squeeze because Facebook’s decline in reach. So, is converting people on Facebook to buyers and subscribers still possible without having to fork out money for advertising?

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WordPress e-Commerce Solutions for Bootstrapping Businesses

wordpress-shopping-thumbnailWebsites that sell items often need some type of e-Commerce strategy. The same can be said of e-Commerce websites powered by WordPress. If you’re selling anything, you need to have some type of e-Commerce strategy in place, or you won’t convert your visitors to buyers.

There are so many choices out there, some solutions cost, and others are free. On top of that, there are free plugins that also have add-ons that are free, or that cost. Confusing, right? The average small business owner doesn’t really have a lot of cash to spare or time hunting down what to use, so this article puts together some WordPress e-Commerce solutions for bootstrapping businesses.

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Website Design: Your Business Needs to Look Like a Business

open-for-business-thumbnailThe times of GeoCities are behind us, so why are there business sites that look like someone just threw whatever they thought looked good, or just thought the website did the job? It’s admirable to create your own website, but if you have specific intentions, your business needs to look like a business.

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How Important Is Responsive Design For Website Conversion?

responsive-designResponsive design has changed the game for a lot of website owners. In fact, more people are using smartphones and tablets for surfing and shopping. According to Nielsen, over 70% of smartphone shoppers use a store locator before going out to that store. NPD says that in America alone, over 25 million people are using Coupon apps every month. There are so many mobile stats out there that websites have to conform to the times, and that means seeking a responsive design solution.

The problem is that while there are people realizing this and even trying to implement a solution, they are doing it wrong. Responsive design isn’t just letting your site resize to the width of the end user’s browser, but to smartly design it to make it an easier experience and help direct them to where you want them to go.

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