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This week’s edition covers ‘Banner Blindness’ test results, psychology studies for smarter web design, giving users positive feedback, reasons why your website might be failing, and reasons why people may not trust your company:

To answer the question of central homepage sliders or banners being ignored by website users in the same way that right-hand side adverts are, Optimal Usability’s Hidden In Plain Sight? The ‘Banner Blindness’ Effect On Homepage Banners provides eye tracking data from testing four websites that had prominent banners at the top of their homepage

– For some helpful insights on how the human mind works and how it interacts with websites, 5 Psychology Studies For Smarter Web Design   from Inspired Magazine contributor Gregory Ciotti is a compilation of studies that will give you some solid research on smart web design

–  It’s as important to tell users that they are doing things right as it is to inform them when they make a mistake. Are You Giving Your Users Positive Feedback?  from Smashing Magazine contributor Paul Boag explains why positive feedback matters, suggests when it is appropriate, and how to integrate it into your website

– Business 2 Community contributor McKay Allen suggests 7 Reasons Your Website (Might Be) Failing  after pointing out that 97% of internet users (approximately 80% of the U.S. adult population) search for a local business online before making a buying decision.

– HubSpot’s 21 Reasons People Don’t Trust Your Company   is a handy ‘sketch-o-meter’ you should run through to see if there are any things you can cross off the list of major turnoffs to prospects and customers

That will round it up for this week and I’ll leave you with a quick reminder to request one free conversion idea for your website  as well as to signup for our blog updates and conversion tips newsletter. If you have any tips, suggestions, or resources you’d like to share please leave us a comment below and please feel free to suggest topics that you would like to see covered in future Conversionator posts.

Donna has been in the Marketing and Research fields for over 20 years working with a wide array of industries and contributes The Conversionator weekly roundup post to the Diamond Website Conversion blog.

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