9 Ideas for Testing Your PPC Landing Pages

Are your PPC clicks turning into sales?

Are your PPC clicks turning into sales?

You expect a lot from your PPC landing page. It has to convince the visitor (who may or may not have expressed much interest in your product) to move beyond the initial click and take the next stop of making a commitment to your product.

It has to turn him from a prospect into a bona fide customer. And in many cases, it has just a few seconds to make that happen.

In order to accomplish that goal, you need to engage in some serious PPC landing page optimization. Each element on your landing page needs to work hard to engage and persuade visitors. The key to making that happen? Testing.

Here are 9 ideas to get you started.

1      Button copy—Test strong action words versus the typical “Buy Now” or “Download Now.” Consider using the headline from your best-performing ad as your CTA message.  

2      Product arrangement—Do you organize your products by price or by top sellers? Test different ideas for different audience segments based on the ad that brought them there.

3      Pricing packages—Test offering one, two, or three different pricing packages on your landing page. Try giving visitors a chance to choose what they want, from the start, versus segmenting them further down the funnel.

4       Reviews—Show one or two reviews on the landing page with a link to more. Or show only a composite rating based on available reviews.

5      Form placement—Test including your lead gen form on the landing page itself versus including a button only, moving the form from the second page.

6      Image Functions—Try giving customers the option to zoom in on product images or add rotation capability that enables them to see the product from different angles.

7      Video—Video can be a great addition to your landing page, but it doesn’t work for every audience. Test video versus no video, different video lengths, and voice-overs versus visible actors for your PPC landing page optimization.

8      Navigation options—Test no navigation versus a scaled-down version of your navigation bar to give visitors options, without making them feel trapped.

9      Headline copy—Does your headline copy match the tone and offer of your ad copy? Test various offers and wording to draw readers in.

PPC landing page optimization gives you the opportunity to capitalize on the ads you’ve invested in. Don’t leave visitors confused and wondering what to do next.

Match your landing page message to your ad message and pull the reader in to help him engage with your content in preparation for taking the next step.


  1. Hi Marty, this is a really useful list – and equally important on all pages one hopes to sell from, thanks -something I will refer back to!
    Sarupa Shah recently posted…The shocking truth about business & personal development…My Profile

  2. Thanks Marty!

    Another great article and another list of tasks that further convince me that I, and many customers, NEED your services.

    I’ve mentioned before what a lifesaver getting a bookkeeper was for me and IvyCat; it frees my time to serve customers and do the geeky biz I enjoy.

    Took me too long to realize I need conversion and analytics bookkeeping and direction too.

    It’s not that I don’t enjoy this stuff; I love it and know I can do it, but I’m wearing too many hats already and my attention to conversion suffers.

    Thanks for working on our site; I hope we’ll work together to drive, audit, and improve our conversion rates for years to come. 🙂

    Re: #3 – I recently reduced one of our services from four to three packages hoping to make the decision simpler. Are fewer options always better? In what cases might it be better to have more?

    Working on a customer’s e-com site and she wanted to sell digital copies of her books separately in three formats plus two combinations for a total of five options.

    I convinced (I hope) her to bundle all three formats in one digital pack so the customer gets the books in PDF, mobi and ePub. I can’t imagine a situation where this doesn’t help the customer and improve conversions. Your thoughts?
    Eric Amundson recently posted…WordPress Users Needed for InterviewsMy Profile

    • Hey Eric – Three tends to be the magic number – odd numbers tend to be better than even (probably a visual thing more than a numbers thing) 5 works, 7 starts to get to be too many. There isn’t any way to know really until you test it out. What we do know from scientific studies is that the more choices you give people the more inclined they are to freeze up and do nothing.

      It makes sense to bundle the products together – My only concern would be if customers feel that they’re paying for extras they’ll never use. If it’s structured like a bonus (you get the ebook plus you get the mobi & PDF versions at no extra cost) – now it sounds like a benefit on the other hand if you say you get the ebook, the PDF and the mobi version for $xx.xx now I’m looking around for the unbundled version because I only want the ebook

      I think it’s all in how you present it to the customer. Customers are so price sensitive these days that they need to feel like it’s a bargain – otherwise they’re selecting just what they need and don’t want to get anything else if they feel that the extras are adding to the cost.

      Marty Diamond recently posted…9 Ideas for Testing Your PPC Landing Pages My Profile

  3. Hey,
    How’s it going? I hope you are fine..

    Well, You have explained almost everything about PPC Landing pages. The list is useful and I am sure readers will make use of it.

    Thank you,
    Keep it up with your writing.
    -Amrik Virdi.
    Amrik Virdi recently posted…How To Delete A Blog In WordPressMy Profile

  4. Hi Marty Yet another great list of tips from you 🙂 I do know that congruency is key! If you place an add selling chips so to say they had better find chips for sale when they get there.. Thanks for sharing Chery 🙂
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…What Is Your Passion?My Profile

    • HI Chery – I know – it happened to me the other day – I clicked on an ad for Reflective Dog Leashes and one of the ads sent me to a page of cat collars…. WHAT??? what a waste of money for the company because I won’t be the only one that hits the back button and goes to the next ad to get what I want! Thanks for the comment – Marty
      Marty Diamond recently posted…Test vs. Experiment? The Difference A Word Can Make My Profile

  5. Hi Marty,
    I have much to learn, and do. I actually feel overwhelmed when I read your posts!! But that’s a GOOD thing because I am learning from them. That’s what happenes when you learn anything new… lots for me to think about 🙂 Thanks!
    Lesly Federici recently posted…Hubba Hubba HubSpotMy Profile

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